New X-Axis Gantry

Here are some renders of the new X-Axis Gantry design that I’ve been working on with Scott!

Update- Because a concern friend had asked me how the new gantry design handles the movement of the Goostruder I’ve added this extra render!

Modified X-Carve and Custom 4-Axis CNC Controller

Here is my fully customized X-Carve!
I originally bought it in 2015 but I didn’t do much with it during College. Fast-forward to 2017, I found myself wanting a machine capable of handling demanding production run, better 3D carving, and to do it all on an Open Source platform as to make future expansions possible.

I quickly ditched the TinyG GRBL shield w/Arduino Uno and pick up some control cards from Mesa, specifically the 7i76/5i25 card combo.

With Mesa boards, you need to use LinuxCNC, so I download a 32-bit kernel of Linux (Wheezy 2.7.14) to a spare computer and got started.

The design files can be found by going to my GrabCad + Thingiverse pages –

The bill of materials is listed below –

1 7I76-5I25 PLUG-N-GO KIT
1 DROK LM2596 Analog Control Step-down Regulator Module
1 DC Fan (120mm x 120mm x 25mm 24V)
1 Mesh Dust Filter for 120mm Fan
3 DIN Rail
1 IEC320 Inlet Power Socket
4 KL-5056 Stepper Motor Driver – 32 bit DSP Based
1 Emergency Stop Button Switch
25ft 4 Pin Cable
1 Antek Linear Power Supply – 500W 30V 16A Peak 25A
3 Wall Outlets from Home Depot Find ones you like / feel are safe enough using
16ft Led Strip Lights
1 Misc. Hardware Nuts, Bolts, Standoffs, Crimp Connectors, Spare Fuses, 2 Extra Limit Switches
2 Ogrmar SSR-25 DA Solid State Relay with Heat Sink
1 18 AWG Gauge Stranded Hook-Up Wire Kit
~30pc Heat Shrink Tubing
1 Shop-Vac
7 Uxcel 16mm Thread 4-Pin Panel Mount Wire Connector
2 8 Circuit 20A Terminal Block



This outdoor scene was my final project for Modeling Lighting & Rendering 1 in Fall 2015. Just about all of the materials in this frame were added by hand, and most of the textures were made for the scene using procedural materials methods.


This frog with a Modeling Lighting & Rendering 2 assignment. We were tasked with taking a UV Mapped 3D Mesh and painting it in 3D Coat, exporting an AO map, Normal Map, Displacement Map, and Color Map. These maps were then mapped to a .obj file in C4D where I rendered the frog in a studio lighting setup.


In July of 2014, I was contacted by a group of graduate students from the University of Bridgeport. They were participating in a competition sponsored by NASA called CANSAT. In CANSAT, teams are challenged to design and manufacturing a satellite to ultimately be tested a launch site in Abilene, Texas.

The students reached out to me, as far as I could tell, because they were so busy with their coursework. When their semester finally ended and they had time to finally start building, the University closed down the machine shop for the summer. They messaged the 3D Printing Club’s facebook page and after a brief conversation with the team leader, I invited the group to come to my home machine shop in Greenwich, CT. At the time the garage was very well furnished with all sorts of tools and I welcomed the grad students to use them. I was surprised that they had made it so far through academia without developing a knack for power tools, so I had to intervene a lot!

Because of myself and the 3D printer I utilized for printing their parts short notice, I was able to rapidly iterate and accelerate their design process. Based off my experience with 3D printers and FDM printed parts, I successfully educated the engineering team towards what they needed to do to increase the manufacturability/printability of their design without sacrificing strength.




2010-12-31 23.00.00-77

X-Carve CNC Router

Okay, so I caved. The previous CNC machine was sold to pay for a new Macbook back in 2014, and it was collecting dust for a while so I didn’t feel too bad about getting rid of it… I saw the need to get a new router when I started brainstorming for my Full Body 3D Scanner V2…. I wanted to cut the huge pieces that were over 2′ in either direction on this new router.

I eventually decided to pre-order an X-Carve Pro kit, and assembled it over a few weeks with my girlfriend! It works very well, my only gripe is that the GRBL firmware it runs off isn’t exactly real-time. G-code is streamed to the controller through a local server on my computer that relays g-code generated from the X-carve website. It’s very complicated to make this router 3D carve, but mastercam should be able to create g-code for it if a post-processes for that CAM software is ever made… we’ll see…
Anyway, this my new toy-