My Cohort

Meet my cool friends & Go follow them!

Stephen Hawes

Stephen is a brilliant maker, programmer, and engineer. We collaborated on a full-body 3D scanner, and he has since gone on to some amazing things, like a 3D printed EMG-enabled prosthetic arm .

He now works for Deep Local where is constantly doing cool stuff all over the world. He’s also the Founder and CEO of Atlas Laboratories, a rapid prototyping company.


Rosse Gates

Rosse Gates is an Engineer, Designer, and Growth Hacker transforming social affinities into meaningful market data. In college, Rosse founded and ran his own company called Eleframes, selling a customizable picture frame system.

Now, he is a marketing analyst and design project manager with previous work experience at Designit + Cooper. He current works on his own startup, Alpha Growth, and is constantly pushing himself to learn new things + meet interesting people!



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