SketchyBot Week 2 Progress Report

This week I continued refining my design, verifying all my measurements, and testing how parts interacted with one another in real life. Very few mistakes were made, if any, and I think the project is moving along very nicely now!

I’m continuing to assemble all the different components. I’m looking at how things fit together, and how simple I can make the assembly process.
I’ve switched to some simpler electronics for the project. I’m going to use a Metro Arduino Uno clone because it uses micro USB and has hardly anything I don’t need. This GRBL 1.1 shield was only $12 on ebay! It works great and it even came with 3 stepper motor drivers w/heatsinks.
Testing the nameplate light filter. I decided to make it in two parts to reduce the amount of supports I would need for the letters. For some reason I thought this notch on the left side would be needed, but I was wrong – I ended up reprinting this side after all these photos were taken.
The press fit PLA part is pretty good. It was tricky to make proper offset geometry because the nameplate model is made out of splines/Bézier curves – which can be notorious for being difficult to work with in certain ways.
Results of the nameplate light filter.
I also reprinted the whole front nameplate because my new pancake style Nema 17 steppr motors didn’t need to intersect with the component anymore! This also means the holes for the stepper motor cables can be hidden from sight, and I’m very happy about that. I also increased the size of all the holes I originally was tapping, so that I can use heat-press threaded brass inserts now. All in all, everything has been a huge success!


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