What is UnhappySk8?

Unhappy Sk8, or Unhappy Skate as it’s sometimes called, is a longboard brand started by myself and my good friend Kohei Urakami. The brand started when I had ripped my Loaded Slide gloves in a fall and knew I could make something better.

Founded October of 2011, we planted our roots in the heart of social networking: Facebook. We also quickly put up a corresponding Youtube channel. I even tied all of it together with a website to match.

My personal premise for the brand was to take the things I built for myself and my friends, and get them available to a wider audience. I thought it would be cool to have a business model that allowed me to acquire more funds to get into the realms of more and more advance creations. At our start, we would throw around the idea of doing an entirely aluminum board or a Carbon Fiber composite board with a foam core; but the shear materials alone were out of our grasp. I still have that intent and drive to take Unhappy Sk8 to the next tier, but we’re still striving to get there.

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