Trophy for the 2nd Anual Greenwich Slide Jam

Preemptively, I got excited by the idea of UnhappySk8 sponsoring the slide-jam event after the first one, last year, was such a success.

To start, I tore apart a perfectly good Trophy I urged my dad to buy me when I graduated Pre-School…

I put a hole in it for a button to sit in the base.

Then, I ran wires out of the base-

Now up the columns of the Trophy, I played around with keeping the gold piece at the top, but I ultimately tossed it.

To make this award shine, I soldered up one of my LED slide pucks, and casted it in polyester resin

I now had a Led infused resin puck at the top of my trophy!

Here it is all lit up:

I snuck a transparency of the UnhappySk8 logo in the resin as it dried.

And finally, here’s the trophy is at the Greenwich 2nd Annual Slide Jam!