Interactive Media Wall at Boston’s Children Hospital

During a semester-long internship, I worked alongside a team of fellow 2D & 3D Digital Media students to support the Interactive Media Wall at Boston Children’s Hospital. We were tasked with creating assets for several new scenes before a summer refresh. All new assets were created in Cinema 4D, the scenes were built in Unity 3D. My responsibilities included character modeling for the Monsters scene, as well as object modeling for the Ant scene and Around the World scene.

Disclaimer – Chipmonk was rigged and animated by Robin Simon in the following videos.

Monsters Interactive Scene –
Here are some renders of my finished character + footage of the final project from when delivered it to BCH.


Modeling Lighting & Rendering Class Assignments



This outdoor scene was my final project for Modeling Lighting & Rendering 1 in Fall 2015. Just about all of the materials in this frame were added by hand, and most of the textures were made for the scene using procedural materials methods.


This frog with a Modeling Lighting & Rendering 2 assignment. We were tasked with taking a UV Mapped 3D Mesh and painting it in 3D Coat, exporting an AO map, Normal Map, Displacement Map, and Color Map. These maps were then mapped to a .obj file in C4D where I rendered the frog in a studio lighting setup.