Motorcycle Front End Assembly

Made in SolidWorks 2016 for a Lighting & Rendering Course back in College. I only made this with a few reference images so this isn’t meant for manufacturing – it’s simply a design exercise!

Full Body 3D Scanner V2 Mockup Renders

Having finished my first 3D Scanning Machine , I wanted to try to make another. It’s still a huge WIP, but this time the goal is to have it 100% 3D modeled down to every nut and bolt before I go off and build it. So far the proof of concept renders are fantastic and this is a project I’m looking forward to finishing at some point.

3D Printed Catapult

As an assignment for Engineering 1000 here at UConn, we were tasked with designing a catapult with a price constraint of ~$12.40.

Here was my initial design, which aimed to use a stepper motor to wind back the arm for full auto firing.

Here’s one side of the final design, rendered in SolidWorks

At roughly 5¢ a gram for filament, my design was kept within our price limitations.

Printing successfully on my Replicator 2

Partially assembled, with a randomly toothed gear to see if it fit on the motor.

Unfortunately, as it turned out, the stepper motors we were allowed to use from the provided arduino kit were far too weak for my design to successfully implement it an aim of the project was to keep the Bill of Materials low, and automation was a secondary goal, so instead of opting to buy better stepper motors I decided to turn it in as is.

Automation Design