Design Revisions Cont.

I just picked up a dual-extruder 3D printer, so I think I can make a front nameplate for Sketchybot that’s dual extruded instead of making that insert I proposed in my last post.

I imagine using black PLA everywhere but the areas where the text is – the text should be printed in transparent or white PLA.

Generating the different solid models required for this idea will be done by applying boolean operations to bodies comprised of extruded splines. This is going to torture my CPU – so that will be fun!

I also want to make a new Back Cover for the bot. The slotted laser cut acrylic sheet I originally designed was very difficult secure in place, and bending it into the correct shape with a heat gun was difficult by hand. It looked like this prior to being bent into shape-

I could heat the sheet in an oven and then place it onto a CNC-cut form, but that would be way too much effort for little return.

Instead, the new Back Cover will be entirely 3D printed. Pending any last minute changes, it should look like this –

I will need to use threaded brass inserts to secure this Back Cover to the Side Plates, since I will not be able to hold a Nylock nut in place, while fastening everything together. I could inset the nuts inside hexagon cut-extrudes, but I’d be worried about such a feature rounding out.