X-Carve CNC Router

Okay, so I caved. The previous CNC machine was sold to pay for a new Macbook back in 2014, and it was collecting dust for a while so I didn’t feel too bad about getting rid of it… I saw the need to get a new router when I started brainstorming for my Full Body 3D Scanner V2…. I wanted to cut the huge pieces that were over 2′ in either direction on this new router.

I eventually decided to pre-order an X-Carve kit, and assembled it over a few weeks with my girlfriend! It works very well, my only gripe is that the GRBL firmware it runs off isn’t exactly real-time. G-code is streamed to the controller through a local server on my computer that relays g-code generated from the X-carve website. It’s very complicated to make this router 3D carve, but Mastercam should be able to create g-code for it!

Anyway, here it is!